12 Days to a Healthy 2015

The 12 Days to a Healthy 2015

Celebrate the 12 Days to Healthy 2015 with us!
Here is the compilation of our suggestions to make 2015 your healthiest and happiest year yet!

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Day 1: Connect with your Food Source –Day 1: Know Your Food Source

Where does our food come from? How much do we really know about the time and attention invested into the cultivation and production of our food system? Re-connect with your food sources – learn about the processes and people- celebrate the joys in creating and sharing food for people in harmony with the ecology of the earth! Get involved – ask questions – get out in the dirt!

Day 2: Meet your Farmer –Day 2: Meet Your Farmer

Have you met Maya Dailey and the Maya’s Farm Team?
Get to know the People behind your Food – Farming takes 100,000s of human hours, patience, love and a connection to the land and people – Real People cultivate Real Food.

Day 3: Celebrate Seasonal Foods –Day 3: Celebrate Seasonal Foods

Radishes make the Best Ornaments – on your trees or on the table!
Brilliant colors of reds and whites –a wide variety of sizes!  What will you do with radishes to spice up your food or decorations?

Day 4: Create Food Traditions –Day 4: Create Food Traditions

Do you and your family have a food or dish you look forward to each year? Why not make it a tradition! Pickled winter roots, winter greens stews with winter carrots – find the freshest goodies of the season and make it your own to share with your loved ones – Make it a Tradition to look forward to!

Day 5: Make Meals with your Loved Ones –Day 5: Make a Meal with Loved Ones

Among the hustle and bustle of the holiday season – take time to share and make meals with your loved ones – simple moments make lasting memories – explore the varieties of the season – Make a “stone soup” with the seasonal, local produce! If you are making it with kids – invite their suggestions and encourage their creativity and curiosity to explore and discover with you! Enjoy this Delicious Winter Soup with your family and friends – feel free to add your favorite greens too!

Day 6: Try Something New – Juice your Veggies!Day 6: Try Something New

Trying something new is a great way to create joy and variety in our daily lives! Eating and juicing locally grown food and shopping at markets encourages the discovery of new foods and the perfect environment to try them! Joining Maya’s Farm CSA is the perfect way to get the freshest locally grown foods each week and the surprise to see what is inside and the adventure of what you can do with it!

Day 7: Tour Maya’s Farm –Day 7: Tour Maya's Farm

Celebrate Small Farms – Small Farms are Wonderful! They provide Food Security, Freshness and Localized Nutrient Dense Food options for People in the Community. Small Farms can provide an Agrarian Experience in an Urban Setting. Being outside, in and a part of a Thriving Ecosystem Promotes Wellness and Happiness. Nurture yourself – Nurture a Small Farm – Take a Maya’s Farm Tour!

Day 8: Get Creative in the Kitchen – Play with your food!Day 8: Get Creative in the Kitchen

Here’s a creative way to play with your food – Make a friendly face with your local produce – Make a craft with your veggies – inspire the creative side to your food – the best thing is you can eat it too!

Day 9: Shop at the Markets –Day 9: Shop at Markets

Downtown Phoenix Public Market and Maya’s Farm Market – Markets promote community and human vitality – get out and about meet people – experience new, fresh, local produce, meet the people that grow your food – ask them questions about how to prepare and enjoy the foods! Share food stories – share recipes!
Maya’s Farm Market is OPEN Thursday to Sunday – With special cooking demos on Sundays! And join us in the Downtown Phoenix Public Market Saturdays year round!

Day 10: Be Free to Change it Up –Day 10: Share Your Recipes

Have Fun with Recipes – Share your Recipes -Try a new recipe, share ideas with friends – substitute an ingredient – be fearless and focused on freshness! Share your creations with us on Facebook. Making a pesto but don’t have basil – try another herb that is available and super fresh!

Day 11: Gift Maya’s Farm CSA – Give the gift of health!Day 11: Gift Maya's Farm CSA

Start 2015 off on a conscious and healthy foot with locally, grown organic produce each week – the perfect gift for all the foodies or aspiring foodies in your life – plus the investment helps a small farm grow! Winter Season starts January 14th – Spaces are filling up fast! Original Photo Courtesy of Edible Phoenix – Thanks for this great shot!

Check out Here for the Next Coming Season!

Day 12: Join Maya’s Farm CSA –Day 12: Buy Maya's Farm CSA

Be a part of the small farm movement! Invest in Maya’s Farm – enjoy the seasonal bounty of the region! Connect with your community and food source! Enjoy the freshest, healthiest, happiest veggies each week in your share! Join Maya’s Farm CSA Today! Winter Season starts Jan 14th – spots are filling up fast! www.mayasfarm.com/csa
Original Photo Courtesy of Kaleidoscope Juice – Thanks Ladies for capturing the moment and for being a pick-up location!

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