What is CSA?

CSA is Community Supported Agriculture.

Joining a CSA is your area is one of the best ways that you can help small farms grow and support nutrient-rich, fresh food security for the future of your area.

What a CSA is:

A CSA is members of a community actively choosing to support a small farm. It is people investing financially in a small farm and sharing the harvest bounty with the local farmers that tend the land. A CSA is a community family, it is people working together and honoring food traditions, sharing seasonal recipes and stories over locally grown and harvested food. A CSA is a commitment to a healthy lifestyle for yourself, your community and the land around you. If you haven’t already, Join Maya’s Farm CSA and experience Community Supported Agriculture in the Heart of Phoenix.

Thank you for your Support and Dedication to Support Small Farms.

What Makes Maya’s Farm CSA Different?

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