Winter Greens with Fresh Citrus Dressing and Sautéed French Breakfast Radishes in Butter

We are blessed with fresh abundant greens and citrus in the Winter Season at Maya’s Farm!

Let’s use what we’ve got to make a delicious side or main dish:

Photo Credit: Maya's Farm Team

Photo Credit: Maya’s Farm Team

Enjoy any and all winter greens chopped into a bowl and garnished with diced turnips and roots.  The more the merrier when it comes to a winter green salad medley.  We recommend: mizuna, pac choi, mustard greens, red rain, dandelion greens, tokyo bekana, and so many more would be great to try!

Winter greens are delicious raw and topped with a fresh homemade citrus dressing, or even lightly sautéed and served as a side.  

We have these recipes below:

– The French Breakfast Radish Secret Sautéed Recipe

– Fresh Citrus Dressing

– Winter Green Salad Medley

The French Breakfast Radish Secret Sautéed Recipe:

French breakfast radishes are typically a sharp and crisp sweet radish.  The French traditionally serve them raw, wrapped in butter and eat as a morning treat.  We have taken this inspiration and made a sautéed dish – and it’s delicious!


French Breakfast Radishes – (any size) the smaller they are the sharper the flavor, all sizes work for this recipe.

Butter – we recommend an organic, whole cream butter

Garlic – clove garlic, or spring garlic will work

Photo Credit: Maya's Farm Team

Photo Credit: Maya’s Farm Team

Photo Credit: Maya's Farm Team

Photo Credit: Maya’s Farm Team

Directions: Mince the garlic and set aside.  Slice the french breakfast radishes into thin slices.  Place the butter into a hot pan and let it melt.  When the butter has melted, turn the heat down and fry the garlic, stirring regularly, so as not to burn.  When the garlic is fragrant place the sliced french breakfast radishes in to the pan.  Lightly sauté and flip when golden brown.  The radishes are done when both sides are lightly brown.  This recipe may be interpreted with all kinds of roots, radishes and turnips.  We welcome you to experiment and leave your comments and discoveries below!

Photo Credit: Maya's Farm Team

Photo Credit: Maya’s Farm Team

Fresh Citrus Dressing

Fresh dressings are delicious, alive and simple to make!  This recipe calls for your favorite in season local citrus, a little bit of olive oil, a garnish and salt to taste.  Feel free to experiment and try a variety of combinations and proportions with this recipe.  We would love to hear your feedback below!


Local fresh citrus (may include: grapefruit, oranges, lemons, tangelos…)

Olive oil

Tarragon – or other garnish to taste (mint, parsley, marjoram, thyme…)

Salt (to taste)

Photo Credit: Maya's Farm Team

Photo Credit: Maya’s Farm Team

Directions: Cut and squeeze your favorite local, in season citrus.  Seeds may be removed before or after squeezing the fruit.  Remember to save the seeds from the most delicious fruit, plant and/or swap with your neighbors.  Add equal parts olive oil – this is really a personal preference, if you like your dressings more oily – add more oil, if you like your dressings less oily – have more citrus juice.  Add fresh or dry herb to taste.  We added tarragon in this recipe, we also recommend thyme, rosemary, marjoram, sage, mint – any of your favorite herbs fresh or dry!  Add salt to taste.  Stir gently.  Let sit.  May be added to salad before serving or when serving.  If you add before you serve, the dressing will begin to break down the greens – this may be favorable this heavier greens such as kale and less favorable with softer greens such as butter lettuce.

Photo Credit: Maya's Farm Team

Photo Credit: Maya’s Farm Team

 Winter Green Salad Medley

Greens are delicious and great for you!  Local farmers’ and markets are always introducing new greens to our palettes.  Next time you see something new – try it!  Maya’s Farm is always looking to expand our growing varieties – we proudly grow many kinds of greens all year round.  Many you will see in our CSA bags each season and at our farm stand at the markets!


Greens (any variety of your favorite fresh, locally grown greens)

Roots (hakurei, turnips, radishes, carrots…)

Fresh herbs (parsley, thyme, mint…)


Chop off stalky ends and chop or lightly tear the leaves into smaller pieces.  Mix together greens.  Dice the roots and top the greens.  Top with a garnish of fresh herb.

Photo Credit: Maya's Farm Team

Photo Credit: Maya’s Farm Team

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