Maya’s Farm Fresh Seasonal Crepes with Edible Flower Garnish and Goat Cheese


Maya's Farm Fresh Seasonal Crepes


Enjoy these deliciously simple seasonally fresh crepes

Inspired by our weekly Sunday Farm to Table Cooking Demos at Maya’s Farm –

Join us on Sundays Fall to Spring at Maya’s Farm

Find the freshest most delicious looking local produce of the season feel free to change out the ingredients to your taste or what is available for the season.

Here are some suggested ingredients to fill the crepes with:

Rainbow Chard

Winter Greens (Arugula, Braising Mix, Red Rain)

Radish Variety (Purple Plum, Easter Egg, French Breakfast)

I’itois Onions

Spring Garlic

Edible Flowers (for garnish)

Fresh or Dried Herbs

Goat Cheese

Salt (to taste)

Oil or butter



Chop or slice the radishes and greens

Chop spring garlic and I’itois onions

Sautee in oil or butter the chopped roots and stocks on the greens (rainbow chard as pictured)


Add in chopped spring garlic, I’itoi’s onions and salt to taste.


In another pan, sautee greens.  Then add the previously sautéed radish and allium dish.



 The Crepes:

Ingredients – Makes about 16 small crepes

1 Cup Flour (Hayden Flour is our favorite)

1 Cup Milk

1 Cup Water

1 Tablespoon Butter

2 Eggs

Pinch of salt



Gently whisk all the ingredients together until smooth.

Pour mix thinly on to a small heated pan until bubbling on the sides.  Flip and cook a few minutes.

Remove from heat.  Please sautéed veggies inside, roll, garnish and enjoy!



The Goat Cheese:

Add finely chopped fresh herbs to local goat cheese.  Mix together and serve with fresh crepes and edible flowers.




Roll up the crepe with goodie inside – cut into pieces or as a roll – Enjoy!

Special thanks to the lovely and talented Janae for this recipe and doing the cooking demos out at Maya’s Farm on Sundays!  

Thank you Janae!

Thank you Janae!

Maya's Farm Cooking Demos

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