Wonderful Radishes – Full of Vitamin C!

Original Content from Health Article in Time Magazine March 23, 2015 Early Bloomers. Spring brings a rush of nutritious food at peak flavor by Mandy Oaklander

Photo Credit: organicauthority

Photo Credit: organicauthority

“Heavy, starchy foods keep us warm – and stuffed – through winter. But now spring is arriving, and with it a wave of light and healthy produce hitting grocery stores and farmers’ markets in prime season.  We asked Deborah Madison, author of Vegetable Literacy, for a selection of nutritious  foods that will be at their peak flavor in the coming weeks.  And if you don’t like to eat for greens, she has a tip” “A salad that looks like spring can make you so happy,” she says.  “That’s half the battle.”

Photo Credit: debishawblog.com

Photo Credit: debishawblog.com


When you start to see radishes at the farmers’ market,

“to me that’s a sign of spring.” Madison says.

A single radish can have 124% of the recommended daily vitamin C – even more if you eat the raw tops too.

EAT IT: Go raw, says Madison.  Just slice the radish, chop the tops and toss with good olive oil and lemon juice.

Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

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Photo Credit: alxandrya on Instagram

Photo Credit: alxandrya on Instagram

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