Seasonal Recipes – Candied Fennel Stalks and Fennel Frond Salt by Local Kitchen Blog

Enjoy these Delicious and Inspiring Simple Flavor Enhancing Recipes with Fennel originally published on LocalKitchenBlog January 17, 2014

Candied Fennel Stalks + Fennel Frond Salt

by LocalKitchenBlog

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Fennel is Delicious, Beneficial and In Season!

Enjoy these creative and simple recipes to enjoy and preserve the Maya’s Farm Fennel in your CSA bag.  Click the photo or link for the full recipe.

Candied Fennel Stalks

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Photo Credit:

Enjoy this delicious sweet snack, perfect topping, garnish or quick sweet treat!

Fennel Frond Salt

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Photo Credit:

We love this for so many reasons!  It is a salty and sweet marinate, a delicious margarita salt, or just a fun substitute for anytime you would use salt!

More Recipes with Fennel

Fennel-y Potatoes

Photo Credit: Edible Phoenix

Photo Credit: Edible Phoenix

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