Maya’s Farm Organic CSA Hosts Fun & Easy Cooking Demo at the Phoenix Public Market

Join Maya’s Farm for an exclusive Maya’s Farm Organic CSA Cooking Demo at the Phoenix Public Market –

Photo Credit: A Loyal Market Patron

Photo Credit: A Loyal Market Patron

Come on out to the Phoenix Public Market, Saturday, August 15th – Watch how Fun and Easy it is to Cook, Experiment and Taste Maya’s Farm Organic CSA Produce –

Maya’s Farm Produce is Incredibly Fresh, Certified Organic and of course Locally Grown.

Photo Credit: JaneZPhotography

Photo Credit: JaneZPhotography

Did you know?

Maya’s Farm produce only travels 8.5miles to the Phoenix Public Market.  That means the produce is still alive when you pick it up in your CSA bag or produce on the market floor.  It is still rich is antioxidants, brushing with delicious flavor and nutrient dense!

Hand Harvesting

Most food that ships to a grocery store travels between 700 and 2,000 miles.  Plants continue to live after they have been picked.  They start to lose their antioxidants by the hour making foods that are not picked and eaten within a few hours or days of harvest nutrient sparse and less flavorful.

Try something new!  

You probably heard that as a kid and maybe even told it to a child yourself – Well it’s true!  Maya’s Farm Organic CSA members love to share new food with their family and children.  Some parents are surprised to see their children trying foods and loving them that they have never tried or purchased before –

A 2 year old whose favorite snack is a radish? Yes!  We have heard that from a few parents in our CSA!  How cool is that!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Be A Part of Something More – Join the Small Farm Movement

We love to write and share fun seasonal and culturally inspired recipes from members of our community – Join Maya’s Farm Organic CSA for weekly recipes.  Follow our Blog too!  Share your recipes and photos online through Instagram and Facebook.

The first word in CSA stands for COMMUNITY – Maya’s Farm is here for you and the community!  Thanks for being a part of it and supporting the growth of the freshest, healthiest produce for yourself, your family and your community!

Maya's Farm CSA

Applications are accepted at weekly markets including: Phoenix Downtown Public Market and Online at

For more recipes and seasonal cooking inspiration check out RECIPES

And some of our favorites:

Heirloom Tomato Salad

Photo Credit: Edible Phoenix

Photo Credit: Edible Phoenix

Pickled Summer Squash

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Spring Onion Soup

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:


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