Maya’s Farm Proudly Grows Superfood Purslane for Over 10 years

Purslane is a summertime Super Hero Superfood.

It contains more omega-3 fatty acids that any other leafy vegetable.  In fact, it’s on par with flax, fish and algae!  It is rich in  Vitamin A, Vitamin C and some B vitamins.  It is also a good source of Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Potassium. How’s that for Super charged green?!

Photo Credit: Maya's Farm Team

Photo Credit: Maya’s Farm Team

Maya’s Farm is proud to have offered this crunchy succulent beauty for over 10 years in our seasonal CSA and on the farmers’ market floors in the Metro Phoenix area.  Stop by the Market Stand or Join our CSA to get a bunch!

Photo Credit: Urban Beans

Photo Credit: Urban Beans

Purslane is also known as verdolagas and pigweed, and it is featured in a variety of Latin and ethnic cuisine.  In Mexican cooking it is often paired with pork and tomatillos in carnitas, tamales and stews. While Lebanon, Russia and Turkey is could be in salads ranging from tabbouleh to potato salad.  In Japan, it may be pickled and served with rice.  It has long been used in Chinese medicine.  We have seen it enjoyed at a snack on it’s own and in a variety of stews, soups and entrees too!  How have you seen purslane used?

What about Watermelon Purslane Summer Salad?

Photo Credit: gardenista

Photo Credit: gardenista

Watermelon Purslane Summer Salad


A bunch of fresh purslane, chopped or torn into smaller sections

Fresh, sweet watermelon, cut into bite size chunks

Olive Oil and Vinegar of choice

Salt and Pepper to taste


Gently toss salad ingredients with a small about of oil and vinegar, season to taste.  Serve on a plate as a main dish or on the side.

Note: Purslane has a salty flavor, taste dish before seasoning




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