For the Love of Okra – and Slime Free Recipe Secrets

OKRA – Ladies Fingers

a beautiful plant, flower and very interesting fruit!


Okra is loaded with nutrients and minerals! Including: Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Fiber, Magnesium, Beta Carotene and more!

In this Aug. 7, 2012 photo, Charles Winford shows some of the okra he has picked at the Harambee Farms community garden in Savannah, Ga. They also grow tomatoes, squash, cantaloupe and watermelon. The garden has helped supply the neighborhood with fresh vegetables and fruits. (AP Photo/Savannah Morning News, Steve Bisson) THE EXAMINER.COM OUT; SFEXAMINER.COM OUT; WASHINGTONEXAMINER.COM OUT

(AP Photo/Savannah Morning News, Steve Bisson)

Okra is also well-known for a variety of health benefits: preventing diabetes, promoting colon health, boosting digestive health, weight management, maintaining healthy skin, protecting against free radical damage, relief from respiratory issues like asthma, coat, promotes eye health, booting mood and constipation.

SO…. how do we eat it?!

There are many ways to prepare prepare okra.

First, you want to eat it as fresh as possible, no brown marks for the freshest okra.  Also, the okra should be small and tender.  The larger  okra is has tougher fibers and harder seeds – better fro planting than for eating!

Once you have your okra try out these great dishes and feel free to experiment with what you’ve got and change it up a bit!

Here are some NO SLIME Okra Recipes

Fried Okra

Garlic Okra 

Grilled Okra

Okra with Tomatoes

Roasted Okra

Sautéed Okra

Enjoy the Okra!

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