Maya’s Farm Seasonal Pickles by Anna

Delicious Seasonal Pickles with Maya’s Farm  Produce

Pickling is a time tested way to keep, and enjoy produce for months after harvest.  Nutritious and a wide variety of recipes and uses pickles add a kick to any snack, meal or side!

Here’s one right from Maya’s Farm hand Anna –

Anna’s Pickled Peppers

Anna's Pickles

Anna’s Pickles

The Recipe:

“For the pickled peppers…I stir together a one to one ratio of water to vinegar (I usually use white distilled so its clear, but apple cider is good too).

Throw in a tablespoon of salt, some garlic or onion slices and any herbs or spices if I’ve got them, and throw in whatever peppers I’ve got on hand – either sliced or whole (if you leave them whole, cut a few slits to let the brine penetrate).

Hot peppers are good thrown in whole to flavor. I stick it in the back of the fridge and leave it days, weeks, months.

I started these pickle jars at the beginning of the summer and just throw in whatever leftover peppers I have around (other veggies work too) and top up on brine if needed. Good on burgers, sandwiches, tacos, chile – or out of the jar!

… I’ve pickled or fermented pretty much everything we grow at some point…” – Anna

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