Welcome to Maya’s Certified Organic Farm Family

Maya on the Farm

Photo Courtesy of: Victoria Fodale

Maya’s Farm is proudly located and serves our community in Phoenix, Arizona.

We are Proudly CCOF Certified Organic.

We specialize in growing, cultivating and harvesting the freshest, nutrient-dense, delicious, CCOF Organically Certified produce for you and your family!


We are honored to have our produce served in some of the best known restaurants in the valley.

We bring that same delicious, freshness we offer the restaurants to you in our weekly Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) bags.


If you aren’t already a member check it out!

Joining Maya’s Farm Certified Organic CSA is the best way to help a small scale Organic farm in your area grow and it’s the best way for you to be a part of a sustainable, abundant and nutritious food future!

Maya’s Farm Certified Organic CSA is:

  • Freshness Guaranteed
  • Picked Hours Before Delivery
  • A Traditional CSA Model (no broker, you directly support Maya’s Farm)
  • CCOF Certified Organic
  • Guaranteed Taste
  • Small Farm Raised – Hand-Cut, Hand-Tilled


Here’s what people say about us:

The Fresh, Local Variety is Great! We liked the unique produce. – Charlotte J.

Fantastic! We loved to go to the farm and see the chickens.  It is a great experience for the kids – they can see where the food they are eating is grown.  The kids love to cook!  They have discovered foods that we as parents may not have bought for them.  They love radishes and healthier foods! We appreciate being able to invest in organic food.  It is easy and affordable.  – Christopher H.

My favorite thing is to eat things I wouldn’t normally eat.  I love swapping recipes and being part of a community! – Barbara H.

Really Impressed! – Loren A.

We Loved the Variety and the Surprise!  We shared our veggies with friends! –  Kristi K.

It’s so fun to figure out what to do with the produce each week!  I like to make improvised stir fries! – Roger B.

A Great Experience!  We like it a lot. – Kim G.

It’s Fun! We Eat Healthy, We know where is comes from, We know it’s Fresh! It’s a great learning experience of the grandkids. – Teresa B.

Love having new things for our family! – Jessica W.

The pick-up at Tarbell’s has a great atmosphere and experience.  They have cookies and caramel corn out for the kids and wine pairings and recipe ideas for the adults – Lynn C.

I love the difference in the freshness!  It inspires me!  I love that I don’t have to make a choice – the produce is there for me.  Picking up at Tarbell’s is so convenient! – Barbara K.

Wonderful Produce! Love the Eggs! – Lisa A.

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